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Volume 25, Issue 2:
Texting Girls


Texting girls: images, sounds, and words in neoliberal cultures of femininity
Kimberly Lamm

The authenticity of social-media performance: lonelygirl15 and the amateur brand of Young-Girlhood
Kimberly Ann Hall

Sexting girls: technological sovereignty and the digital
Julian Gill-Peterson

What a girl’s gotta do: the labor of the biopolitical celebrity in austerity Britain
Alexandra M. Kokoli and Aaron Winter

The Young-Girl in Theory
Jen Kennedy

Picture perfect: nostalgic femininity and temporal disruptions in the Aqualillies’ water ballets
Yasmine Marie Jahanmir

Tori Amos’ (re)sounding and (dis)appearing girls: conceptual and socnic approaches to assembled femininity
Devon R. Kehler


Heather Warren-Crow

Making Space: an exchange about women and the performance of free noise
Susan Fitzpatrick and Marie Thompson

Book Reviews

Brown boys and rice queens: spellbinding performance in the Asias, by Eng-Beng Lim
Chris A. Eng

The material gene: gender, race, and heredity after the human genome project, by Kelly E. Happe
Mary Zaborskis

Performance Review

Cynthia Oliver’s BOOM! and Dean Moss’s johnbrown
Barbara Browning and Tara Willis


All Hail The Queens
A special issue guest-edited by Jessica N. Pabón & Shanté Paradigm Smalls
Volume 24, Issue 1


Volume 23, Issue 3


Volume 23, Issue 2


Born in Flames
A special issue guest-edited by Craig Willse & Dean Spade
Volume 23, Issue 1