Living Labor: Marxism and Performance StudiesVideo Archive


All panels, lectures and presentations took place at The Department of Performance Studies New York University April 11–13, 2014

Friday April 11, 2014


The Traces of Their Hands: Women’s Work at American Animation Studios, 1928-1961 Hannah Frank (University of Chicago)

“Do they hold as much mystery for you as they do for me?” On Jean-Pierre Gorin’s My Crasy Life and Documentary Improvisations Anthony Yooshin Kim (University of California, San Diego)

Frozen History: Sound, Ice, and Mexican Marxisms Iván A. Ramos (University of California, Berkeley)

▣世界から解放され▣ or, “To be freed from the world”: Vaporwave and the Sonic-Affective Glitching of Real Subsumption Nick Bazzano (New York University)

Respondent: André Lepecki (New York University)


Theater of Circulation: Marxist Fembots in Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress Li Cornfeld (McGill University)

Replica Res Publica: A Theoretical Consideration of Japanese Replica Food Ksenia Sidorenko (Yale University)

Neomaterialism: the dialect of matter and dialectical materialism Joshua Simon (MoBY-Museums of Bat Yam; Goldsmiths College)

Respondent: Barbara Browning (New York University)


The Best Use of My Time has been My Time Online: Feminists Wasting Time on the Internet Kara Jesella (New York University)

Reaction Videos and Vocational Aesthetics Heather Warren-Crow (Texas Tech University)

The Performance of ‘Leisure/Crime-as-Labour’ in Spring Breakers and The Bling Ring Maryn Wilkinson (University of Amsterdam)

Respondent: Kandice Chuh (The Graduate Center, CUNY)


Divine Scripts: Negotiating Desire, Uncertainty, and Risk in Contemporary South Korean Horoscopic Divination David J. Kim (New York University)

Crises of Containment: Leakage as Metaphor and Political Problematic Macklin Kowal (Temple University)

Magical (sub)Realism and BP’s Macondo: Enchanting Catastrophe Jackie Orr (Syracuse University)

Respondent: Amalle Dublon (Duke University)


“The White Christian Shakespeare Complex, or Why Neoliberal Redemption Dramas are an Emotional Drain” Todd Landon Barnes (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

The Value of the Future: The Child Entrepreneur and the Simulation of Labor Julian Gill-Peterson (Rutgers University)

Putting Disability to Work: Performance and Entrepreneurial Self-Making Under Neoliberalism Patrick McKelvey (Brown University)

Respondent: Randy Martin (New York University)


The Attentive Turn: "Torquing the Erotics of Attention" in Critical and Capital Discourse Liz Kinnamon (University of Arizona)

Modern, Modular, Model Minority Vivian L. Huang (New York University)

Banal Sounds: Muzak, Affect, and Consumption in Postindustrial Japan Lorraine Plourde (SUNY Purchase)

Respondent: Karen Shimakawa (New York University)


VISCERAL ABSTRACTIONS Sianne Ngai (Stanford University)

Saturday April 12, 2014


“This Is How We Dead Men Write To Each Other”: Queer Translation as Utopian Necrophilia in Jack Spicer’s After Lorca Daniel Benjamin (University of California, Berkeley)

That Window Where Death Becomes Persistent Surplus: [Sic] Social Performance and Spectral Agency Theodora Danylevich (The George Washington University)

Dying with the World Tanzeen Rashed Doha (University of California, Davis)

Dis-associative Associations Ethan Philbrick (New York University)

Respondent: Andrew Parker (Rutgers)


Capitalist Disembodiment of Labor and Life: New Expropriations of Brains from Bodies Richard Gilman-Opalsky (University of Illinois, Springfield)

"The New Realism: Seeking Alternatives to Postmodern Pessimism” Todd Hoffman (Georgia Regents University)

Workers’ Inquiry, Class Composition, and Living Labor Today Stevphen Shukaitis (University of Essex / Autonomedia)

Constructed Situations McKenzie Wark (The New School for Social Research)

Respondent: Doug Henwood


“Fuck You, Park Service!” Timothy Treadwell and Rugged Individualist Performativity Timothy M. Griffiths (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Ted Shawn’s “Labor Symphony”: The Aestheticized Work of Producing Masculinity Harmony Jankowski (Indiana University)

Capacity Disintegration: Building a Body in Heather Cassils’s “Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture” Emily Hella Tsaconas (New York University)

Respondent: Ann Pellegrini (New York University)


“They Wasn’t Satisfied Unless I Picked the Cotton Myself:” Black Faciality and Public Reterritorializations in Kanye West’s “New Slaves” Chelsey Faloona (The George Washington University)

Dark Star of the Evening: Sissieretta Jones’s Cultural Capital Kristin Moriah (The Graduate Center/CUNY)

Pulses from the Multitude: Virtuosity and Black Feminist Discourse Elizabeth Stinson & Maya Winfrey (New York University)

Trying the Tongue: Catalysis, Adrian Piper’s Very Public/Private Performance Rizvana Bradley (Emory University)

Respondent: Tavia Nyong’o (New York University)


"If you give me your time, I’ll give you experience": The Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) and the Value Theory of Labor Samara Davis (New York University)

Field Notes from an Ethnography of Manhattan Marxism Steve Lyons (Concordia University)

Live Matter, Hidden Labor: Rethinking the Silent Presence of the Other in Contemporary Art Jimena Ortuzar (University of Toronto)

Siegelaub’s Agreement as Critical Circulation Lauren van Haaften-Schick (Independent Curator)

Respondent: Sadia Shirazi (Cornell University)


Just Enough Night: Notes on Blackness in Abstraction Adrienne Edwards (New York University)

Real Abstract Movement - Grace and Totality in the Light Cycles of Lillian and Frank Gilbreth Patrik Haggren and Mikhail Lylov

The Volatility of Ferment: Investigations into Living Labor by Karl Marx and Gordon Matta-Clark Laura Harris (University of California, Riverside)

“An emotional accretion in 48 steps” Soyoung Yoon (The New School)

Respondent: Christopher Myers


COLLECTIVE HEAD Fred Moten (University of California, Riverside)

Sunday April 13, 2014


"Persona Non Grata: Playing the Parasite in Inhospitable Times” Anna Watkins Fisher (Cornell University)

Post-Industrial Pathology: Cognition, Disability, and the Aesthetics of Late Capitalism Leon Hilton (New York University)

Conscriptive Estrangement: Intermedial Thought and Liz Magic Laser’s Chase (2010) Alex Pittman (New York University)

Respondent: John Andrews (The Graduate Center, CUNY)


Dialectic of the Laboring Commons Martin Scherzinger (New York University)

The Repetitions of Escape: Tony Kushner & the Abolitionist Anarchy of Henry ‘Box’ Brown Katherine Brewer Ball (Wesleyan University)

Monetary Fashion in the Antebellum U.S. Joe Connway (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Respondent: Jamie Parra (Columbia University)


Juliana Huxtable

Park McArthur

Alan Ruiz

Hong-Kai Wang & Nova Benway

Constantina Zavitsanos

Moderator: Soyoung Yoon (The New School)


The Jeune Fille as She Really Is Anne Boyer (Kansas City Art Institute)

Contractual Performance, Labor & the Art of Life Angela Mitropoulos (University of Sydney)

The Impermanent Encounter: Genji Monogatari, The Knife, and the One Night Stand Joshua Chambers-Letson (Northwestern Univsersity)

Working Through the Work of Numbers Patricia Clough (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Having One’s Cake and Eating It Too Barbara Browning (New York University)

Response: Ann Pellegrini (New York University)