Volume 27

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27.1: Sentiment & Sentience:
Black Performance since
Scenes of Subjection

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Reading and Feeling after Scenes of Subjection
Sampada Aranke and Nikolas Oscar Sparks

Retracing the contours of her figure---slippages begin to appear: Reckoning the limits of the archive with Senam Okudzeto's Large Reclining Nude
Olivia K. Young

The Sound(s) of Subjection: Constructing American popular music and racial identity through Blacksound
Matthew D. Morrison

Progress Notes: Scenes of Subjection's "actualization" dialectic
Jeremy Matthew Glick

This Is Your Afterlife: Gender, slavery, and televisual subjection
Sarah Haley

Untitled and Outdoors: Thinking with Saidiya Hartman
Sarah Jane Cervenak and J. Kameron Carter

Two Characteristics of the Sonanta as a (post-work) Principle of Composition: An amusement, a form of slavery
sidony o'neal

"Object Lesson(s)"
Autumn M. Womack

Performing Blackness in the "Rainbow Nation": Athi-Patra Ruga's The Future White Women of Azania
Andrew J. Brown

Black Organs and Optics: gazing at viscera in the work of Doreen Garner
Jared Richardson

Dermopolitics and the Erotics of the Muslim Body in Pain
Sara Mameni

Reciprocity and Rape: Blackness and the paradox of sexual violence
Frank B. Wilderson III

The nonarrival of black freedom (c. 12.6.84)
Nijah Cunningham


Sonia Louise Davis

Book Reviews

 Embodied Avatars: Genealogies of Black Feminist Art and Performance, by Uri McMillan
Lillian G. Mengesha

Choreographing Copyright: Race, Gender, and Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance, by Anthea Kraut
Lizzie Feidelson

Performance Review

Breathing Material: Cassils and Xandra Ibarra in Los Angeles
2 April 2016, The Broad, Los Angeles
Hannah Manshel

27.2: Nou Mache Ansanm
(We Walk Together): Queer Haitian Performance and Affiliation

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Nou Mache Ansanm (We Walk Together): Queer Haitian Performance and Affiliation
Dasha A. Chapman, Erin L, Durban-Albrecht and Mario LaMothe

Performing Postcolonial Homophobia: A decolonial analysis of the 2013 public demonstrations against same-sex marriage in Haiti
Erin L. Durban-Albrecht

'Bitch Out of Hell': The queer urban marronage of Assotto Saint
Ryan Joyce

Forging Lakou in the Grand Rue: A Polyphonic Reflection on a Collaborative Performance in Port-au-Prince
Dasha A. Chapman, Yonel Charles, Jean-Sebastien Duvilaire and Ann E. Mazzocca


Lenelle Moïse

Circling Dantò's Daughter: Reflections on Lenelle Moise's performances of shamelessness
Kantara Souffrant

Memories from the Dykeaspora
Sophonie Bazile

Documenting Spaces of Liberation in Haiti
Josué Azor

Our Love on Fire: Gay men's stories of violence and hope in Haiti
Mario LaMothe

& Online

Hadriana dans tous mes rêves | (PDF)
Kwynn Johnson

Hadriana in Muscular Monochrome: Kwynn Johnson's Queer Dreamscape of Jacmel | (PDF)
K. Adele Okoli

Leah Gordon

A Cross-Dressed Kanaval | (PDF)
Charlotte Hammond

"Out of the closet" on Death's deliverance or "In the footsteps of Diogène
Jean Élie Gilles

Rasanblaj, Same-Sex Desire, and the Archive in Haiti | (PDF)
Myron Beasley

Reflections on the 15th Anniversary of the Documentary Film Of Men and Gods / Des hommes et Dieux, 2002 | (PDF)
Interview with Anne Lescot and Laurence Magloire, Introduced by Katherine Smith

Book Reviews

 The Black Radical Tragic: Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution, by Jeremy Matthew Glick
Marina Sofia Magliore

The Color of Kink: Black women, BDSM, and Pornography, by Ariane Cruz
Shoniqua Roach

Performance Review

he Skeleton Architecture, or the Future of our Worlds, group improvisation curated, by Eva Yaa Asantewaa
Maura Nguyen Donohue


27.3: General Issue

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Listening to Color: A set of propositions on pain as feminist aesthetic
Lynne Beckenstein

Study in Blue: Trauma, affect, event
Andrea Long Chu

Expo Afterlife: Corporate performance and capitalist futurity in the Carousel of Progress
Li Cornfeld


Interview for Another World
Julietta Singh

The Feminine in Abstract Painting Reconsidered
Shirley Kaneda

General Sisters, General Store / Big Rock Candy Mountain
Liz Park

Book Reviews

Matters of Care: Speculative Ethics in More than Human Worlds, by Maria Puig de la Bellacasa
James McMaster

The Great Woman Singer: Gender and Voice in Puerto Rican Music, by Licia Fiol-Matta
Summer Kim Lee

Performance Review

Re-stagings No. 1: Choreographing LeWitt, by Abigail Levine
Chloë Bass