Volume 28

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28.1: Surface Aesthetics:
Race, Performance, Play



Introduction: skin, surface, sensorium
Uri McMillan

Yella Gal: Eartha Kitt's racial modulations
Colleen Kim Daniher

Surface-becoming: Lyle Ashton Harris and brown jouissance
Amber Jamilla Musser

Surface Play: Rewriting black interiorities through camouflage and abstraction in Mickalene Thomas's oeuvre
Sarah Stefana Smith



Beauty Marks: the Latinx surfaces of loving, becoming, and mourning
Jillian Hernandez


Book reviews

In the Wake: On Blackness and Being By Christina Sharpe
Patricia Nguyen

Listening to Images by Tina M. Campt
Doria E. Charlson


Performance Review

effie bowen's DANCESPORT and Wilmer Wilson IV's Channel
Lauren Bakst

28.2: Queer Circuits in Archival Times: Performance, Networked Data, Digital Culture



Introduction to Queer Circuits: Critical Performance and Digital Praxis
Benjamin Haber and Daniel Sander

The Queer Digital Touch of Racial Sight
Monica Huerta

Onlining Queer Acts: Digital research ethics & caring for risky archives
T.L. Cowan and Jasmine Rault

Becoming NULL: Queer relations in the excluded middle
Jacob Gaboury



Life in the Network
Shaka McGlotten

Poems Between Dragons
Beth Kurkjian

Surface Tensions
Brendan Fernandes and Jen Kennedy


Book reviews

The Political Imaginary of Sexual Freedom: Subjectivity and Power in the New Sexual Democratic Turn by Leticia Sabsay
Cynthia Citlallin Delgado Huitrón

Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility
Christopher Joseph Lee


Performance Reviews

Choreographies of Collapse | Histories of Use: Yve Laris Cohen’s “Painting Space 122”
Olivia Michiko Gagnon

Moon Fate Sin: Gillian Walsh speaking with her mouth full
Thomas Ragnar

28.3: General Issue



Inscrutably, Actually: Hospitality, Parasitism, and the Silent Work of Yoko Ono and Laurel Nakadate
Vivian L. Huang

Ma Rainey’s Phonograph
Jeramy DeCristo

Aesthetic Self-Medication: Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose’s Structures of Breathing
Jean-Thomas Tremblay

Mythical Enjambment in The Hungry Woman: Nation, Desire, and Cherríe Moraga's Utopic Turn
Michelle R. Martin-Baron


Keisha Scarville, The Placelessness of Echoes (and kinship of shadows)
Daniella Rose King and Keisha Scarville

(some possibilities of) Rural Belongings
Jade Montserrat and Daniella Rose King

Book Reviews

Abject Performances: Aesthetic Strategies in Latino Cultural Production, by Leticia Alvarado
Eddie Gamboa

Xenofeminism, by Helen Hester
Sarah Richter

Performance Reviews

Un/Sent Stream: a review of Torkwase Dyson’s recent exhibition, Dear Henry
Sarah Jane Cervenak

Surviving Blackness: A Performance Review
Raquel L. Monroe