Current Issue

Current Issue

Volume 25, Issue 1


‘To be black is to be funny’: ‘Coon-shouting’ and the melancholic production of the white comedienne
Lori Lynne Brooks

Lesbians, tea, and the vernacular of fluids
Amber Jamilla Musser

Shoving aside the politics of respectability: black women, reality TV, and the ratchet performance
Therí A. Pickens

Death sentences: from genesis to genre (Big Mama’s parole)
Dalton Anthony Jones


Excerpts from Clovis Cassidy, Kid Detective Soma Wingelaar and Kellan Burket 

Book Reviews

Designing the creative child: Playthings and places in midcentury America, by Amy F. Ogata
The nature and nurture of love: From imprinting to attachment in cold war America, by Marga Vicedo
Marissa Brostoff 

Always More Than One: Individuation’s Dance, by Erin Manning
Jean-Thomas Tremblay

Performance Reviews

Performance Review 4, performed by Sarah Michelson
Catherine Damman