Current Issue

Current Issue

Volume 25, Issue 2:
Texting Girls


Texting girls: images, sounds, and words in neoliberal cultures of femininity
Kimberly Lamm

The authenticity of social-media performance: lonelygirl15 and the amateur brand of Young-Girlhood
Kimberly Ann Hall

Sexting girls: technological sovereignty and the digital
Julian Gill-Peterson

What a girl’s gotta do: the labor of the biopolitical celebrity in austerity Britain
Alexandra M. Kokoli and Aaron Winter

The Young-Girl in Theory
Jen Kennedy

Picture perfect: nostalgic femininity and temporal disruptions in the Aqualillies’ water ballets
Yasmine Marie Jahanmir

Tori Amos’ (re)sounding and (dis)appearing girls: conceptual and socnic approaches to assembled femininity
Devon R. Kehler


Heather Warren-Crow

Making Space: an exchange about women and the performance of free noise
Susan Fitzpatrick and Marie Thompson

Book Reviews

Brown boys and rice queens: spellbinding performance in the Asias, by Eng-Beng Lim
Chris A. Eng

The material gene: gender, race, and heredity after the human genome project, by Kelly E. Happe
Mary Zaborskis

Performance Review

Cynthia Oliver’s BOOM! and Dean Moss’s johnbrown
Barbara Browning and Tara Willis