Current Issue

Current Issue

Volume 25, Issue 3
Lingering in Latinidad:

Theory, Aesthetics, and Performance in Latino/a Studies


Cuts and impressions: the aesthetic work of lingering in Latinidad
Joshua Javier Guzmán & Christina A. León

The glory that was wrong: el “Chino Malo” approximates Nuyorico
Roy Pérez

The viscosity of grief: Teresa Margolles at the scene of the crime
Iván A. Ramos

Pornographic encounters and interpretative interventions: Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior
Juana María Rodríguez

Waiting in the seat of sensation: the Brown existentialism of Ryan Rivera
Sandra Ruiz


Ecdysis: The Molting of A Cucarachica (2015)
Xandra Ibarra

The ideal rock & roll song is 3 minutes long
Rachel Ellis Neyra

Book Reviews

A race so different: Performance and law in Asian America
Emily Raymundo

Queering acts of mourning in the aftermath of Argentina’s dictatorship: the performances of blood
Kerry Whigham

Staging the blues: from tent shows to tourism
Emily Rutter

Performance Review

On the Bleeding Edge of the Real: Women of Ciudad Juárez
Katherine Zien