Three poems: Clear Weather, 2003, 1989 | Charles Theonia

Clear Weather

going outside doesn't
glisten I don't want
to be good nor love

he said careful we
don't like that here
and that on your block

losing control my hand
your pocket slipping follow
cloud coat upstreet via

my dream of Cedar outside
the Associated is that you!
it was and we hugged

algae in another season she
jumped were a lawn green
dog not mine to wash

living nine years at her size
how could you do it or
at most alternatively not

are raccoons growing rounder
infinitesimal tonight while
a lot in it you wait for me pondside

early magnolia fur
set in articulated snow
claw nor love control my hand

upstreet via cloud cover shifting
when I cover you kumquat
comes off leaving on foot for green

bloom algae in another
sky purples obscurely happy
for having nowhere to be

tap to hear space
inside its
indefinite vision

in our night is night forever
up to waking up
leaving on foot at one


sweet and ordinary my orange

my experience of abstract war
smoke across the river

war in our name police
horse rearing everyone
into the streets

skin contact macerated
orange by morning
papers under
reported us


leaflet said get out of your car
and join us what's a bridge for
get out of your car into your
will when hospitals overflow
into hallway gurneys wouldn't
it be really something if we
stop the bridge cars hold
by public force if all
the empty cars
if they release the
funds so small to ask
for really something

Elle Pérez:  Water Body , 2016

Elle Pérez: Water Body, 2016

Elle Pérez:  Stone Bloom , 2018

Elle Pérez: Stone Bloom, 2018

Elle Pérez:  gabriel , 2019

Elle Pérez: gabriel, 2019

Notes on contributor

Charles Theonia is a poet from Brooklyn, where they're working to externalize interior femme landscapes. They are the author of art book Saw Palmettos, on hormones, community, and the brain-time continuum (Container, 2018), and chapbook Which One Is the Bridge (Topside Press, 2015). With ray ferreira and Abigail Lloyd, they coedit Femmescapes, a magazine of queer and trans affinities with femmeness.

Elle Pérez is an artist from the Bronx, NY who works primarily in photography. Pérez has held solo exhibitions at MoMA PS1, New York and 47 Canal, New York. Their work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Bronx Documentary Center, among other venues. They are currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University, a Critic at the Yale School of Art, and a Dean at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

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