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The June Tyson Sessions: remixperiments with vocal materiality and the becoming-woman of cosmic music | Nick Bazzano

In A Thousand Plateaus, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari develop a concept of the artist as not one who seeks to represent the world, or even to express or perform her soul or subjectivity, but as a “cosmic artisan” – an arranger and forecaster of a cosmic-people-to-come, a performative conduit through which intensive cosmic events continue and extend outward.

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Artist statement | Grace Miceli

I’ve been using the Internet ever since I was 12. I started using AIM (AOL InstantMessenger) and looking up song lyrics and making a website for my middle school band before we even had any music. It's just sort of this extension of reality that I've always felt comforted by and maybe powerful when using as a tool.

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